What Clients have to say:

I had the pleasure of hiring Laura to assist my brother and me in the transition of our mother to her new life in an assisted living facility.  This may have been the single most important decision we have ever made. Our mother could no longer live by herself. The daunting task of actually making this happen was very overwhelming for us. Laura stepped in, took over and made it happen.


Laura sorted through all the belongings in the condo. She purchased the packing materials. Determined what was to be going with our mother, what was to be given to family, what was to be donated, what was to be sent to consignment and what was to be disposed of. Made arrangements for the pick up or delivered the items herself. She did all this while getting our approval before anything went out the door.

She also set up my mother in her new environment. Unpacking and organized her room, picking furniture from her home that she was able to bring with, hung artwork and made the new living arrangement organized and beautiful for her.


Laura got the condo ready for sale for us. Laura managed the entire process from getting the condominium cleaned out to getting it painted to getting it sold. My mom’s condo sold in approximately 30 days and I credit Laura for making that happen.


I cannot say enough about what a great job she did.



Brian C.






Working with Laura has been a wonderful experience. She is both professional and capable.

I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend her services to my friends and family.


Tommy M.






Laura is easy to work with. She organized my entire office and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It not only looks fantastic, it also functions perfectly.


I find it hard to let anyone into my personal spaces. Laura put me at ease with her approach. I am now working in an environment that is both organized and beautiful. I love it!


My only regret is that I didn't use Laura sooner.


Lisa G.





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